If you have ever had to suffer through a sweltering summer without the benefit of air conditioning, you know how important air conditioning is to your health and sanity.
So you may want to run out and get an air conditioner for your home. However, there are some mistakes that a lot of people make with their air conditioners that you should know about. Here are some of the more common air conditioning mistakes.

Buying a huge air conditioner

We know it gets pretty hot during the summer months but getting a larger air conditioner won’t solve all your problems, unfortunately. Having oversized air conditioner won’t reduce humidity in your home or office and won’t create a uniform temperature throughout. Larger units may also be more ineffective because they have generally quicker cycles.

Hiding your air conditioner

No one really likes the look of air conditioners especially the outside condenser units, but trying to hide your unit behind things like plants or shrubs is not a good solution. By covering your unit you can clog the condenser coils and make your air conditioner less efficient and also hinder the ventilation.

Ignoring maintenance

Trust us this isn’t on the list to get us some more jobs, but we would definitely do a great job! Its on here because regular maintenance of your unit will not only extend its life but ensure that it is continually working efficiently. By just checking, cleaning and replacing your air conditioner’s filters you can ensure that your unit will run smoothly and efficiently in the long term. Regular servicing and cleaning are the best way to protect your air con.

Use a thermostat

By using an individual timer or thermostat for your unit you can not only reduce the price of running the appliance but also make it more efficient. This is because you can determine when your unit runs and even have your unit automatically turn off when the room reaches a certain temperature.

Turning your temperature down

If you come home in the afternoon and turn your air con down to 10 degrees it doesn’t mean that your home or building will cool down faster. It just means it will run longer, waste more energy doing so and will make you freezing cold!

Heating your thermostat

Make sure that you keep any type of appliances or things that generate heat away from your thermostat, as this might accidentally increase the temperature reading and overwork your air conditioner.

Closing unused vents blindly

There are different opinions whether it’s a good idea to close doors and vents in unused rooms. A lot of times, this may cause your central air to run less efficiently. It’s best to consult with an expert before you close off any sections of your house during the summer. It’s also a good idea to be wary of closing off the rooms that have thermostats in them.

Air conditioning can make the hottest summer more bearable. But if you aren’t careful, you might make it run less efficiently. Remember these seven mistakes that people often make and avoid making them yourself. It will help your summer be much cooler and more comfortable.

The Panasonic air con app

At Camtec we deal with a lot of appliances, mainly air cons and through this, we have discovered some of the amazing new technological advancements made by Panasonic. Currently, Panasonic has a few smartphone applications out that can help you manage not only your air conditioner but also other Panasonic appliances.


Aircon Sizing Wizard App

This is a great application if you need help in deciding exactly what type of air-con you need for your home or office. To use this app all you have to do is fill out a few basic details such as; whether you need a unit that cools or cools and heats, whether your house has insulation if you have a west facing the window and what is the width and length of your specific room.

After that, the app will automatically generate a list of their current products that completely suit your room. The app also provides you with each products features, technology insights, pricing information and dealer locations where you can purchase your perfect air con.


Panasonic Smart App

The Panasonic smart app allows for complete automation and management from your smartphone devices. At the moment this app works primarily for air conditioners and can be used on both Apple and Android devices. The connected home and the home network system app allows you to completely control your home appliances.


Panasonic has already created multiple different applications to match with products such as the TV remote 2 app which lets you comfortably operate the Panasonic Viera TV from your phone, the media center app which allows you to watch all your favourite TV shows anytime of day, Panasonic image app where you can completely control your camera or camcorder through your mobile device even control settings like zoom, a music streaming app and even a jukebox app which lets you play songs stored on your smart device via bluetooth and you can request and play songs from the internal or usb memory and share these with your friends!


Panasonic has been on the forefront of appliance integration and controls on smart devices and with each new product, they produce. Soon you will be able to control everything from your air conditioner, to your lights, TV and sound system all from the touch of your mobile device and without having to get up at all best Air Conditioner Perth.




With the dry heat in Australia, we have to take extra care with our air cons to ensure we don’t sweat it all summer. At Camtec we always recommend you to have your units professionally inspected and repaired, however, there are some common faults that are generally easy to fix by yourself. Here are some of the most common faults our air con techs come across on the job:

Dirty filters

The filters in our air conditioners pick up a lot of dirt and other particles to ensure the air in your home is as clean as possible. This also means that they do need to be cleaned frequently. If there is a build-up of the dirt and dust on your filters they will not only contaminate your air more but they can also severely restrict the amount of air flow through unit meaning that you will be overworking your unit and getting little air flow through it. So take your filters out of your unit and give them a quick dust off or fully clean them to prolong and improve your unit.

Warm air is leaking in

A common problem we come across is that somehow hot or cold air is seeping in from outside. This actually has nothing to do with the power of your actual unit and generally occurs because of poorly sealed windows and doors. It is quite easy to properly seal windows and doors, you will be surprised about how much this helps with the temperature control in your home.

Compressor is not getting enough air flow

Some air conditioning Perth units have larger compressors outside of their home or building. In these cases, it’s important to also maintain the surrounding area of the compressor. A lot of the time plants, bushes or other items block or crowd the compressor causing a restriction in airflow to the compressor. So just keep an eye on your compressors!

The air con is emitting a bad odor

There are a lot of things that can cause your unit to smell bad, the most common culprits we see are due to the presence of mold, mildew or fungi as a result of a blocked up drainage pipe, bad smells outside that are brought in through the air conditioner and small dead animals in or around the conditioner.

When the presence of mold, mildew or fungi appear it is generally due to a blocked water pipe which has caused a buildup of water in your unit (which is the perfect breeding grounds for them). In this case, we recommend you to call a professional in order to inspect your and repair the unit. The other two issues are easier to fix as it is all about finding the source of the smell and removing it.

So there you have it, these are the most common issues you might come across with your own unit. Although these recommendations have worked there may be further issues with your unit and we always recommend to have a technician to come out and inspect your unit first.Common-Air-Conditioning-Faults


How to improve the efficiency of your air con

Over the years you may have noticed that your air con is not cooling as well or as fast as it used to, this common problem can usually have a quick and inexpensive fix. However, if your unit does have an actual problem make sure to use a professional like our technicians at Camtec!

Here we are highlighting the eight best, no-cost suggestions for air conditioning maintenance. These tips can help keep air conditioning systems healthy as the weather gets warmer and homeowners will begin turning on their units.  

  1. Clean around outdoor condenser unit. Your outdoor unit will work most efficiently if it is clean and clear of debris.
  2. Vacuum indoor vents and keep vents unblocked. You can vacuum dust and any debris away from indoor supply vents to help maintain steady airflow from your system. Also, keep items like blinds, furniture and toys away from blocking the vents.
  3. Increase your thermostat by a few degrees. Typically, adjusting temperatures 5 – 8 degrees (down in winter, up in summer) can help save money and energy. With a programmable thermostat, you can automatically adjust the temperature for different times of the day or during times you are going to be away from home for several hours.
  4. Keep lamps and other heat producing appliances away from your thermostat. Having heat producing appliances near your thermostat will tell it that the air in your home needs to be cooled more, causing the system to run longer and work harder than it may need to.
  5. Keep curtains and blinds closed in the heat of the day. When direct sun hits the windows in your home, keeping your curtains or blinds closed can keep some of the heat from warming the inside of your home.
  6. Clear your drain line. There is a drain by the indoor cooling coil. If you flush one cup of chlorine bleach down your air conditioning drain and rinse it with a gallon of water, you can keep your drain clear through the summer.
  7. Avoid using your dryer and oven in the hottest hours of the day. Running your dryer will cause warm air to be drawn into your home and using your oven will add additional warm air to your home, causing your air conditioner to have to work harder.
  8. Insulate any exposed ductwork. Make sure ductwork that runs through an unconditioned space is properly sealed so it doesn’t leak any of your conditioned air. You can fix visual leaks with a specialized duct-sealing tape that is UL 181-rated, but be sure a professional also checks the ductwork during your next scheduled maintenance visit. It’s also recommend that your ductwork be insulated using the proper thickness duct insulating material.

At the end of the day just caring and cleaning your unit is the best way to maintain and increase its efficiency so make sure you’re taking care of your appliance!

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As Australians we can barely survive without our air cons, but that also means this handy appliance is one of our most expensive ones. So it is very important to understand how much your air con will cost to run. Unfortunately there is no one standard price to run an air con but we can help you figure it out.

There are a variety of factors that you have to take into account when trying to calculate the cost of running your air con.

Size/ capacity of the unit:

The size of your unit is one of the main factors that affect the cost of running your unit. The size or capacity of an air con refers to the amount amount of energy it uses to run, the unit of measurement for this is a kilowatt and one kilowatt is one thousand watts of power. So some units may have 5 kilowatts or more to run the unit, this is pretty easy to identify when purchasing a unit as it’s usually either on the box or even the unit itself. This also means that the lower the wattage the less energy it uses to run, but this also affects how well your unit runs.

How long/often you run the unit

Obviously the more you run the unit the more it will cost, when calculating the cost of your unit you should keep track of how many hours a day you will use your appliance. When you figure out how much your unit costs to run you can determine your budget and easily cut down on your air con usage (although that may be a bit hard).

The temperature of the unit

Basically the higher the temperatue (either cold or hot) the more energy or watts it will use up when running. By managing the temperature setting of your appliance you can run it at the optimum temperature and not overwork your unit at the same time. When you determine the perfect temperature you can figure how much wattage you generally use and therefore be able to calculate the cost of running your unit.

Does your unit have inverter technology

Inverter technology is really good for cost savings and will also affect the cost of your unit. Inverter technology basically manages the speed of your units compressor motor so as to continuously regulate the temperature keeping it at the optimum temp at all times. If you have an inverter air con this means that generally your unit will cost less to run, so it’s a good idea to check if your unit has one.

All these different variable can seem like a lot to handle. Luckily a survey done by Canstarblue in 2016 did measure the average costs of air conditioners per hour. They found that a-

Air con for heating costs:

$0.33-$0.40 per hour for a reverse cycle air con

$1.48-$1.94 per hour for a ducted air con

Air con for cooling costs:

$0.11-$-$0.75 per hour for a reverse  cycle air con

$2.26-2.67 per hour for a ducted air con

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Why homeowners need a reverse cycle air conditioner

Reverse cycle air conditioning is the best type of air con you can get in today’s market. What it basically does is it cools your home in summer and warms your home in winter, all in one handy unit! However, that is not the only advantage to these units. Here are just a few more reasons why you should have a reverse cycle air conditioner:

They’re efficient

The one word you’ll hear over and over again when talking about reverse cycle systems is efficient… efficient in terms of energy use, efficient in cost over time, efficient in heating, efficient in cooling. They really do provide one of the most efficient means of heating a home available.
In fact, modern reverse cycle air conditioning systems are becoming more efficient over time, particularly in terms of energy consumption and cost, making them a very good investment in comfort and health. And as electricity prices continue to rise, air conditioner efficiency is becoming increasingly important. They’re efficient even in the most extreme conditions. For example, one KW of electricity consumed, will generate three or more kW of heating or cooling.

When comparing energy consumption for different air conditioners, remember there are different energy ratings, so ask a specialist to explain what the numbers mean. As with other appliances, the more stars your heating and cooling unit has, the more energy efficient it is.

They’re adaptable and flexible

As part of a push for energy efficiency, many modern reverse cycle air conditioning units come with thermostats and advanced inverter technology, which means they’re able to adapt to the temperature and condition of the room. Inverter technology helps to deliver one of the most energy efficient ways to heat and cool your home using electricity. Unlike a conventional air conditioner’s on/off operation, inverter technology works like the accelerator of a car, gently adjusting power to reach the desired temperature faster, then steadily maintaining it without fluctuations, for uninterrupted comfort and more efficient operation.

You only pay once

A particular advantage of installing a reverse cycle system is that you only pay once for a unit that performs two functions. All you need to do is change the unit’s mode to switch between cooling for those summer months and heating to quickly warm your home in the chilly winter months. Some Aussies actually live in an environment where they could use the heater one day and the cooler the next. So having a reverse cycle system could help make your home’s heating and cooling expenses much more efficient.

They help purify the air

Dust and smoke be gone! Reverse cycle air conditioning systems don’t just heat or cool your home, some split systems can actually purify the air inside it. Many systems feature a built in air-purifying filter that traps fine airborne particles, helping you purify the air inside your home. Some even decompose odours, and absorb and deactivate bacteria and viruses. Considering Australia has one of the highest rates of asthma in the world, as well as high levels of hayfever and other allergies, this is an unexpected advantage of a reverse cycle system and can make it an important factor when considering your growing family’s needs, not just in terms of heating or cooling, but in terms of health.

Less noise and greater comfort

When it comes to a heating or cooling system, perfect climate control is the key factor that can affect comfort in your home, but it’s not the only one. Operating noise levels can also have an impact on comfort levels. Some manufacturers of reverse cycle air conditioning systems are investing in, and developing technology to reduce operating noise across their units, maximising a family’s comfort at every level.

Better for the environment

Here’s another fantastic advantage to choosing a reverse cycle air conditioner. These systems tend to produce only one third the greenhouse gas emissions of standard electric heaters. Some reverse cycle units that are rated above a 5 star energy rating such as Daikin’s only 7 star energy rated split system* (US7) will actually produce less than one fifth of the emissions of conventional electric heaters.


How air conditioning improves your health


Improves comfort levels and reduces stress levels


Have the optimal temperature in any environment has proven to raise comfort levels and reduce stress levels. This is because having your air con at the perfect temperature has a calming effect because you’re not constantly thinking “oh god it’s so cold!” or “Jeezus it’s boiling in here!” There are no arguments on changing the temperature and you are able to solely focus on your task and stop overthinking therefore reducing your level of stress. If you are unsure of what the optimal temperature of your air con is suppose to be then you can follow the general rule of thumb which is that the temperature should be unnoticeable to you and everyone else in the room.


Reduces the presence of insects and parasites


Generally parasites and insects thrive off of warm and humid environments in order to develop. Therefore, by having a properly air conditioned environment these insects and parasites would rarely develop because of the coolness of the air conditioning, and even if they do happen to have developed and laid eggs before dying off then they would be less likely to even hatch.


Reduces the risk of dehydration


Whenever you are working on something or doing anything important you sometimes do forget to go have some water which can lead to dehydration. Partner this with sweating either due to stress or the physical nature of your task then dehydration can come about even quicker. By having a properly air conditioned environment you can reduce the level of sweating because you are being kept cool and therefore also reduces the likelihood of you becoming dehydrated.


Helps exclude external allergens


All air conditioners have filters inside them that filter out allergens and dust found in your home, office or building. Having a well air conditioned environment means that these units will be able to more effectively pick up the common allergens and particles that we cannot see in our air. However, it is also important to note that regular maintenance and cleaning of these units will also increase the effectiveness of the air conditioners filters.


Renews and improves air quality


As stated in the previous point by having the well conditioned environment where the units are maintained and cleaned drastically improves the air quality of this area. These benefits are mainly important for anyone who would suffer from respiratory conditions, people with allergies to airborne particulates, people living in areas subject to a lot of air quality issues, people with limited mobility and people who suffer from sinus and similar infuriating conditions.

Removes fumes and odors



A bad smell is unpleasant enough by itself, but it’s often also an indicator of a deeper and more serious problem – stale air, fumes, carelessly stored cleaning chemicals. All of these things can have an effect on health if they permeate the air and it is allowed to become stagnant. An efficient air conditioning system will help remove these fumes and odors from the affected area.


Why you should let professionals install your air con

There are many reasons why should choose to hire a professional to install your air conditioning unit, much like the professionals we have at Camtec. The main reason why you should opt for a professional installation is that licensed installers must legally follow a mandated set of standards. This means they have to do the job properly, and if it isn’t you are fully protected by your warranty and the law.

Other reasons why you should hire a professional are:


Your system will be installed securely and in the right location- 

There’s nothing worse than a dodgy job, so by hiring a professional air conditioning technician to install your system you can be rest assured that they have the experience and knowledge to securely install your unit but also ensure it is installed in the right and best location. There are many factors that a technician would factor in to ensure your system operates to its fullest; some of the things that they would consider would be where would people usually sit or sleep, at what height to install it and also what rooms to install your system in and much more. They not only take into account how that specific system is designed but also your lifestyle and what suits you and the structure of your building and rooms.


There will be no damage to the system from improper handling or wiring-

Let’s face it some of these units are heavy and massive, and when installing an air con they are usually put up high. This means the chances of dropping and damaging your unit is extremely high; but if you have a professional install it they will have both the professional tools necessary and it will be covered under the labor warranty of that company (so if they break something, they have to pay for it). Not only that but  a lot of damage can occur from improper wiring when the installation is being done, generally because your mate who you asked to help put it in has no idea about the intricacies of the unit and the wiring knowledge from years  of experience and training.

You will get the most out of your system-

By letting a technician install your air conditioning system you know that they are held to a certain standard and means it definitely will be installed correctly, the no fuss or Huss from a professional installation means there should be no damage or faults when the unit is put in meaning that the life of your unit will be longer and you will get the most out of your system.

Your warranty will be valid-

As mentioned previously all installations should be covered under the installation companies warranty in case they break something or do actually install it incorrectly. However, there is also the unit’s warranty that came when you may have purchased the system from a retailer, and in some cases this warranty could be voided if you installed it yourself. Meaning even if there is a fault with the unit you may have to pay a 100% of the cost to get it repaired or buy a new one.



Life Before Air Conditioning

Life before air conditioning- ways we used to have to keep cool in summer


Where would we be today without our air conditioners and really any modern day appliance? We are so lucky that we can just flick a switch or push a button and have instant temperature controlled rooms; but there was life before our air cons and here are some of the ways people use to keep cool in the summer.


  • Underground homes


This method is still used even today in Australia, by living underground people could escape the heat and the sun using the natural cooling effects of the earth’s layers. Coober Pedy is one of the main areas in Australia that utilises this technique; this area of sprawling Opal mines has a desert climate without many areas of shade. A common day would be around 36 degrees and around 42 degrees during January their hottest month, no wonder these guys needed to start living underground.


  • Rooms with high ceilings


Architecture played a massive role in traditional home cooling, as we know all heat rises so many older building you see will have high ceilings. This meant that majority of the rooms were cooler during the day, and is usually used for things such as offices and warehouses especially in hot climates like we have in Australia.


  • Front porchFront-Porch


If you didn’t have a home with tall ceilings the next best option would be to have a front porch. This way people could get outside in the breeze, while staying out of the sun and remain at home. They were also great for socialising in the summer with family and friends.


  • Arizona wet sheets/ wet laundry in doorways


Arizona is a state in America comprised of large deserts, but they did come up with some interesting ways to beat the heat. Arizona wet sheets are exactly what the name implies, during summer residents would wet their bed sheets with cold water and just sleep in the wet beds. Other similar options were to also put wet laundry in the hallways which acts as a natural source of coolness.


  • Middle eastern wind towers


This is one of the most intricate ways people use to cool down their homes and buildings. In places like Saudi Arabia and Qatar where it is always hot residents would build extravagant towers that harnessed the winds current using physics to push the wind through and down the tower, cooling the bottom of the structure where people would live or work. How amazing is that!


  • Water fountains/troughs


Now I am not talking about our current type of water fountains, I am talking about the old fashion water troughs that used to be in public places like parks before they were replaced with what we have today. These troughs were not only used for drinking but were usually large enough for groups of people to be able to cool their heads by dunking them in the water.


  • Ice blocks


During winter people would harvest and store ice blocks in preparation for summer. They would be taken from places such as frozen over lakes and stored in natural cool buildings called ice houses (after all this was way before refrigeration). These large blocks of ice could they be distributed to the public for use including drinking the cold water off of them.

Students & Teacher

How proper air conditioning can help students perform better


There is nothing harder than trying to focus in the sweltering heat or in the freezing cold where all you think about is that “I just really want to get out of this room.” It is a fact that comfort plays a fundamental role on our ability to focus which is why having the proper air conditioning facilities for students is so important.

If the air in a room is cold and comfortable we would spend more of our mental energy on the task at hand, this is especially true for students who may be under pressure from looming exams, tests or assignments.  Let’s face it we have all been a student and understand the constant willpower it needs to continue to not only focus and listen to the lesson but to also take it in and fully grasp it. So any way we can improve this should be the top priority for schools.

However this also does not just apply to schools but also parents with their homes. All students get homework or like to review a lesson at home which is also where a lot of the re-learning and studying takes place, it is as important to be in a comfortable environment at school as it is at home. So if you have children ensuring you have the most appropriate air conditioning system can drastically improve their retention and grasp of what they are learning or studying.

If we look at an American study by Cornell University on productivity of employees they found that when temperatures were low (so 20 degrees or lower) employees made 44% more mistakes than those in rooms with the optimal room temperature (25 degrees). They also found that those who were in the warmer room (at the optimal temperature) showed that they were more happy to be there and showed much more enthusiasm, so we can see how the proper temperature can have the same positive effects on students.

So the big question is what is the best temperature to have in rooms? Well science determines that room temperatures can be anywhere between 24-25 degrees in summer and 17-19 degrees on winter, by following this range you can also reduce the costs of running your unit.

At Camtec our licensed air conditioning technicians understand the proper investment needed in air conditioners and realise the massive benefits that occur from using the correct type of system to suite your needs whether you are a teacher in school or a parent at home.  For instance if you have a large property with multiple rooms it would be best to purchase a ducted air conditioning unit that can reach multiple rooms at once; if you have a smaller property that only has few rooms you can invest in getting split systems which are easy to install and are used for individual rooms. Each of these have their positives and negatives but investing time or asking an air conditioning professional like us at Camtec  can ensure that your students or children have the best chance to learn.


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